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TANKA MAKİNE was established by the deceased Emrullah Tanka in 1948 in Mevlevihanekapi, Istanbul, on a closed area of 150 sqm as a small business. Although it was a small company, it has became well-known in moulding market thanks to importance it gives to quality and determination of being successful in hard things, and it has never abandoned these principles.

The company, which was specialized in cast iron and aluminum moulding in the first years, then in 1960s it decided to specialize in aluminum moulding with the manufacturing of beam covers and it succeeded in this field.

Tanka Döküm which produces with great attention various aluminum parts is capable to meet quickly miscellaneous needs of different sectors through the materials of quality and successful staff in the production and becomes one of the leader companies of the sector. Having electronic machines that keep up with modern face of the times, our company Tanka Döküm uses computer programs such as CAD, CAM in its quick, qualified and mass production process and becomes the part supplier of our and neighbor countries’ industrialists.

With respect to all industrialists are announced.

Tanka Döküm that has specialized in
the aluminum cast through its experience of more than 40 years, adopts as a principle the quick, mass
and qualified service concept in the production of miscellaneous
aluminum parts preferred by our and neighbor countries’ industrialists and brings this line until today thanks to
its expert staff.

Having electronic machines that
keep up with modern face of the
times, our company Tanka Döküm manipulates the products in its own facility and offers them to its
customers with a competitive price without making concessions.

Our company that applies die and
sand casting techniques performs controllably its production via computer-aided systems such as
CAD, CAM programs.